Tailor-made Software Solutions

Our proven approach and capability to develop creative software solutions to leverage the power of our clients’ data from their existing environments, ensures significant value to their digital transformation journeys.

These solutions can, for example, include:

  • Smart business intelligence solutions
  • Solution component development to enhance functional system capabilities or replace a myriad of spreadsheet-like systems with structured, composite solutions of exceptional quality.
  • Tailor-made information portals (web apps) incorporating data from various data sources, internal and external to the client’s environment. This is particularly valuable for clients to address the unique nature of relationships within specialised supply chain; leveraging data relating to clients supply chain management, tracking, and graphical representation of progress.
  • Integration solutions using architecture with great flexibility, and speed of deployment
  • Mobile App development, leveraging the forward-thinking Progressive Web Application architecture
  • Development and management of API-based Central Information Access layers

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